Course Hole Details

This par 4 is the start of a long stretch of four great holes. Avoiding the bunkers is a must, but trees on the right is an instant lost ball. It looks tempting to have a go out of the fairway bunkers but that will only complicate things. If you can’t reach the green with your approach laying up around 75m will leave an easier shot than just short of the green. If putting uphill give it a little bit more as the slope is deceptively steep.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 1 410
   Green   4 2 382
   Terracotta   4 1 280
   White   4 1 398
   Yellow   4 1 382
   Orange   5 10 398
   Terracotta   4 1 280
   White   4 1 398
   Yellow   5 13 382


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