Course Hole Details

This par 4 looks straight forward enough. Hit the fairway and then it looks straight in. However looks can be deceiving as anything short will bounce left of the green leaving a very tricky chip. If it is a blue flag take one more club than normal and aim right of the flag. Heroes and zeros are only a few feet apart here.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 7 396
   Green   4 4 396
   Terracotta   5 7 264
   White   4 7 359
   Yellow   4 7 331
   Orange   4 4 331
   Terracotta   5 7 264
   White   4 7 359
   Yellow   4 7 331

McBeth Plumbing

When you are dealing with something as important as the plumbing, heating or gas fitting in your home you want to make sure that the people doing the job have got your best interests in mind. That's why at McBeth Plumbing and Gas we like to get to know our customers and have our customers get to know us. Have a look through the "About Us" section to get to know our team and find out exactly why we are one of the most highly qualified plumbing & gas fitting operations in the Taupo region.

Our History
McBeth Plumbing and Gas has been providing solar, plumbing, heating and gas fitting services to the Taupo region for over 35 years. The well trained team is well led by owner/operator Ralph McBeth who has been involved in the Plumbing industry for around 50 years. It's this kind of experience that means you can be confident that we have seen it all, done it all and if we haven't we certainly have the knowledge to find a way to meet your needs.
Meet our team
At McBeth Plumbing and Gas we pride ourselves on providing effective but environmentally friendly plumbing solutions which are at the forefront of plumbing innovations. We have a team that benefits from a combination of youth and experience and that makes plumbing fun and stress free for both team members and customers alike. To find out more about the McBeth Plumbing and Gas team please visit our “Meet the team” page
We are green plumbers
McBeth Plumbing and Gas believes that environmentally friendly plumbing does not need to come at the expense of quality plumbing that can enrich the lives of our customers. To find out more about Eco Plumbing please visit our “Plumbing” page.
Contact us
There are loads of tips and hints about the plumbing of your home or business so please take the time to explore our website for any of the information you might need. If there are any questions you want answered please don’t hesitate to call us on (07) 378 2547, use the “Enquire now” function of our website or alternatively just pop into our office at 30 Nukuhau St in Taupo.  All of our contact details are available in the "Contact Us" page.